Our female bodies are like oceans tide, always changing and fluctuating. Our energy levels, moods and physical attributes are periodically shifting due to constant change of the levels of our hormones. But most of us have learned to ignore our bodily and psychological needs do to social pressure and demands we put on ourselves.

Nobody thought us that our physiology has this powerful effect on our mental and emotional state, causing us to feel ashamed of these parts of ourselves, that we don’t know nothing about. Being a woman often leads us to such vastness of emotions, that many times feels unbearable and uncontrollable. We accepted that part as just “a part of being a woman” but there is much more to it than that.

With journaling, you will experience your menstrual cycle in a different, powerful way. You will see that it’s a cycle in which female creative energy is expressed in all its forms and can become the most transformative personal coach that you could have.

This Journal will challenge everything you believe about your bleeding times, menstrual cycle and true femininity.


What’s inside the Menstrual Cycle Journal



First, the journal will take you on an adventure to explore all dimensions of your cyclic nature. It will show you what changes are happening in your body and psyche – when is your optimum time for certain activities and where you should be more careful. You will also discover how you are connected to the Moon and Earth cycle.


In a second part of a journal you will find samples and explanation on how to track your yearly, monthly and daily cycle. Journaling includes important parameters of the cycle that are good for you to track, including your fertility (FAM), insights and dreams.


In a third part of a journal you will begin to explore and track your cycle for 90 days. Journal also contains whole year tracker and 12 monthly trackers so you can use your Menstrual Cycle Journal for a whole year.


Journal will provide you with the basic knowledge of the two most effective natural fertility awareness methods – Mucus changes (Billings/Ovulation Method) and Basal body temperature changes (Temperature Method). According to Francesca Naish, it can be called a Sympto-thermal Method.

Why learn Natural Fertility Awareness methods

The beauty in femininity is in all the colors the menstrual cycle brings. This reach feminine experience, no woman, having discovered, would wish to give up for the Pill, especially while other effective methods of contraception are available (when applying right).

Hormones create measurable changes in most of bodily functions, but they also affect our energy levels, how we think, feel and how we perceive and react in our relationship. As they fluctuate, so does our moods and emotions. They are often called the molecules of emotion. When we alter this balance with artificial hormones, we interfere with our personality traits also they may interfere with the fundamental chemistry of who we are and what we can become.

  • You remain control: all resources for effective fertility management you need are in your body.
  • No side effect: no side effects from using artificial contraceptives (synthetic hormones alter your natural hormone balance and can cause many problems in your body and in your psychology.
  • Empowering self-knowledge: you will get to know your unique harmonious interaction of your body and mind.
  • New dimension of awareness to sexual activity: synthetic hormones often alter sexual desire – aware of your sexual desires and timing.
  • Low cost: once you learn these methods (best with the professional guidance), there are no further expenses.
  • Conscious conception: planning children when wanted
  • Helping with fertility problems: overcoming fertility can be helped enormously by pinpointing the most fertile time in a woman’s cycle and properly preparing for it.
  • No contraception when it’s not needed: you are fertile only for a few days in each cycle. Natural contraceptive methods allow you to guard against pregnancy only during those days.
  • Reliability: no contraceptive method is 100 per cent. Natural methods are as effective as artificial ones but they don’t affect women’s fertility (between 97 and 99 per cent when used correctly).
  • Morally and ethically impeccable: there can be no objections to these methods on moral, religious or ethical grounds.


  • Learn about and take advantage of your changing strengths, abilities and mental attitudes during different parts of your cycle.
  • Get in touch with your ancient menstrual wisdom.
  • Help you heal the wounded woman within and your female heritage.
  • Create meaningful relationship by understanding and expressing your self more (your own needs, desires, wanting, emotions).
  • Help you deal with universal feeling of unworthiness and body shame by building your self-respect and self-love as woman.
  • Help you develop new relationship with your menstruation and empower the women within you.
  • Regain connection to your body, feelings and needs (increase your awareness).
  • Develop female spirituality, female wisdom and intuition.
  • Understand magic connection of your cycle to the one of the moon and nature.
  • Help you understand that PMS and menstruation is NOT your weakness but your POWER help you gain insight, develop intuition.
  • Encourage you to celebrate and respect your femininity and live with a harmony with your cycle.
  • Awaken the Sacred Feminine, the Goddess in you.
  • Inspire the women around you and help heal the Earthy (by embracing feminine values over power and domination).