Hi, my name is Tamara and I am the creator of Menstrual Cycle Journal.

In the text below, I would like to invite you to take a couple of your precious minutes, so that I can explain why I decided to create this Journal, what is its purpose and how it’s knowledge changed my life.


Hate relationship with my period

Only until my adult life, I’ve come to the awareness that I had a hate relationship with my period. Although I always knew when was the time for her arrival, she kind of surprised me every time she came – but never in a good way. First day of my bleeding have always been extremely painful (except for the years I was on the Pill), causing me anxiety of even a thought of going somewhere without my pain killers. I also didn’t realize that menstruation is just a part of my monthly changing cycle and that there are many changes that my psyche, body and mind go through in one month.

During my self-exploration and self-grow education I came across teachings of women, who changed my perspective about femininity, beliefs about what actually means being a woman and most importantly about the core of my femininity – menstrual cycle.

Sacredness of the menstrual blood

I was surprised to learn that menstrual blood was considered sacred by many cultures. In Tantric tradition for example, menstrual blood is considered pure and divine, and plays a very important role in Tantric rituals. Many indigenous people like Native American had a lot of respect for women and all feminine. They always turned to their women for advice, insights and intuitive messages when they were on their Moon time (menstruation). They gave women space and time to rest from their everyday responsibilities, enabling them to clean their body and psyche from toxins. After their retreat, they returned renewed, often carrying important messages that benefited their families and whole tribe.

Searching for answers within myself, I have come to realization that my painful periods were rooted in denial of my femaleness deep in my consciousness and my negative ideas about what it means being a woman. During my up bring I had a role model in my imagination of the kind of woman I .would like to be. And it was very little in her of what we perceive to have the feminine nature qualities. I didn’t have close relationship with anyone during my childhood (my family either), so it’s no wonder I pictured my She hero as a warrior, a fighter, tough and righteousness woman, who can succeed in everything she puts her mind (and body) into it. It was no surprise that I got into martial arts sports and stayed active in it for over 14 years. I wanted to be as strong as I could be, not knowing, that true strength in women lies in her other qualities like openness, joy, inclusion, and vulnerability. Though being physically strong is helpful too.

PMS and menses are the times of power

By diving into my feminine wisdom and exploring my cyclic nature and possibilities it brings, I have come to realization that my PMS and menstrual times are indeed the times of power and not a weakness, as I believed all these years. Distressed feelings and emotions, restlessness and sensibility that often arise during premenstrual times are there to put us in touch with our feelings of being hurt and other similar situations that we still need to process. By expressing this hurt, we can release the pain and heal ourselves.

Reading and learning so many positive things about menstruation it inspired me to go through my bleeding without pain killers for the first time in 8 years. When most painful hours came, I went into meditation and let myself fall into sleep, gently rubbing my belly. Pain went away in two hours, leaving me with deeply satisfying feeling of re-connection with my body and my femaleness. Since then, I never had really painful menstruation again, some bleedings happen without pain at all. I’ve came to know that it depends on how much I’ve listened to my bodily and psyche’s needs during previous month. Experience was transformational for me and I am looking forward to these special times now. If I can, I leave myself the most creative-intuitive work, brainstorming ideas, answers and insights for these time of the month.

Benefits of conscious menstruating

With conscious menstruating and detailed exploring my cyclic attitudes and aptitudes I began to love and appreciate everything that whole menstrual cycle brings. I got in touched with suppressed woman within me and began to truly love and respect feminine nature. I also learned when is my optimum time to indulge in curtain activities. I started to plan and live my life in harmony with my cycle, listening and respecting the needs of my body and soul.


It pains me that we still talk about menstruation only in the terms of pathology. I work with children and teenagers and no girl has ever said to me anything positive about their bleeding times, rather that it is a necessary downside of being a woman. I decided to gather all important branches of female wisdom and make concentrated knowledge about different energy possibilities and changes that are happening during each part of our cycles. I wanted to show that it is a magical process, that connects us to each other, the Moon and the Earth. A process that enables us to optimize our abilities and use our creative life force for harmonizing our work, relationships, spirituality, growth, health and body needs.

Learning is not enough – do your own research

But learning about theory is not enough, we need to discover our own uniqueness, our own rhythms, needs and desires. We can do that if we take time to really get to know ourselves and the best way to do so through journaling. If we allow ourselves to get to know our cyclic nature, we realize that it contains tremendous wisdom that is both – individual and universal.

During my research I have come to realize how much hormonal contraceptives interfere and influence our well-being, so I really wanted to learn new ways of contraception which is not harming my body and psyche. I included Natural Fertility Awareness methods in the Journal because I really wish for us (women) that we learn to read body sings of our most fertile times. I used two of the most effective Natural Fertility Methods – The Temperature (Billings) and Mucus method. Journal allows you to track your basal body temperature and changes in your cervical mucus.



I made this Menstrual Cycle Journal to touch our universal pain of unworthiness that I believe is much more common for women than men. I also believe it has a lot to do with historical patriarchal suppression of feminine abilities and sexuality, especially in last few centuries.

In order to love our bodies and our femaleness – resolve issues about our unworthiness – we must start to see menstruation in different, empowering way again. We need to start asking ourselves: why there are so many diseases connected (and growing in numbers) to our female reproductive organs and menstrual cycle? To answer that, we need to look deep within ourselves.

By connecting with our body rhythm and cycle, we are connecting with the Goddess – the Sacred Feminine. Goddess represents divine feminine aspect of our psyche, that is deeply sacred and has the potential to be experienced inwardly. Whatever you do to honor your feminine experience, the more connected you become with the Goddess within yourself. The more you let the Goddess come into your life, the more you help bring the Goddess and feminine values back into our planet.