This Journal is made for you if you:

– Want to change your conditioned beliefs about your period and heal your relationship with this beautiful process of your body. 

– Want to experience conscious menstruating and discover true powers of the core of your femininity.

– Want to learn everything about your cycle: how it is connected to moon and Earth cycle, what changes you go through every month (biological, physiological and psychological) and how these effect your different abilities. In Journal is gathered concentrated knowledge from different branches of feminine wisdom, providing you with information, that should be taught every woman to fully experience and embrace their femininity. 

– Want to learn natural ways of Fertility management (contraception) by tracking your most fertile times with monitoring Basal body temperature and changes in your vaginal mucus (Natural Fertility Awareness Methods – Billings and Temperature Method) 

– Want to discover unique characteristic of your cycle and when are your different abilities at the highest levels. This will help you maximize all your potential (for receiving insight, creating and planning the idea, visualizing it and then manifest it). 

– Want to heal the wounded woman within, help spread awakening of the Sacred Feminine and bring back feminine values. 

Journal will be available when Kickstarter campaign is launched in fall 2019 (november) in English and Slovenian language. 

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No, in this Menstrual Cycle Journal you will (beside your own cycle characteristics) learn about:

  • How change in hormones affects your biological, physiological and mental state during different parts of your cycle.
  • How to read your body signs to know when you are at your most fertile times (Natural Fertility Awareness Method – temperature and vaginal mucus changes).
  • Connection between your cycle and cycle of the moon; how to use moon’s powers.
  • Connection between your cycle and cycle of Nature through Traditional Chinese Medicine: different part of your cycle is connected to different Season of the year and different major body organ. 
  • Characteristic of each phase: what are your weaknesses, strengths, dangers and opportunities in different parts of your cycle.

Yes! There is a whole page for every day of the cycle dedicated to writing down your insights and other messages of your intuitive divine self.

I. part: different theories and condensed knowledge about your menstrual cycle  

  • biological changes in your body
  • hormonal changes and their influence
  • changes in mucus
  • changes in Basal body temperature
  • mental and psychological changes
  • connection of your cycle to Moon and Earth’s cycle
  • characteristic of each cycle phase: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and dangers

II. part: explanation and samples of how to track your

  • yearly, monthly and daily cycle 

III. part: track your cycle

  • Year tracker
  • 12 month tracker
  • 90 individual days tracker

Research show that you can get to know your cycles characteristics well if you explore and analyse at least three whole cycles. 

I choose 90 days because it didn’t seem too hard of commitment to me, but enough to explore all your beautiful uniqueness. I have many experience of leaving journals and diaries empty, but I really don’t want this to be the case with this Menstrual Cycle Journal. 

More than anything, my honest whish is, that if you want to become the owner of this Journal, you really decide to commit yourself for 90 days first, before you order the Journal. 

You can track your cycle in detail for 90 days, but Journal also allows you to track basic information for whole year. 

Eco-friendly, sustainable and recycled materials

I have the highest respect for our Mother Earth, so it is very important to me that I use Eco-friendly materials.

Journals are printed on ECHO SHIRO paper, that is produced from 100% post-consumer recycled waste.

Shiro Echo is the highest quality recycled paper. 

Unique, high energy design

Journal is completely made by me, including the art cover.

Other details:

  • 250 pages
  • B5 format (176mm x 250mm)
  • Elastic on the cover
  • Padded hardcovers
  • Designed and made in Europe, Slovenia 
  • you will learn about and then take advantage of your changing strengths, abilities and mental attitudes during different parts of your cycle
  • reclaim ancient menstrual wisdom
  • help heal the wounded woman within and female heritage 
  • help you deal with universal feeling of unworthiness and body shame by building your self-respect and self-love as woman
  • develop new relationship with your menstruation and empower the women within you
  • regain connection to your body, feelings and needs (increase your awareness)
  • develop female spirituality, female wisdom and intuition
  • understand the magic connection of your cycle to the one of the moon and nature
  • help you understand that PMS and menstruation is NOT your weakness but your POWER
  • gain insight, develop intuition
  • celebrate your femininity and live with a harmony with your cycle
  • awaken the Sacred Feminine, the Goddess in you
  • inspire women around you and help heal the Earthy (by embracing feminine values over power and domination) 
  • You remain control: all resources for effective fertility management you need are in your body.
  • No side effect: no side effects from using artificial contraceptives
    • Synthetic hormones alter your natural hormone balance and can cause: nutritional disturbance, affect your libido and fertility, depression and mood swings, anxiety, a different biochemical and psychological state and causes more than 150 chemical changes in a woman’s body that we don’t full yet understand. 
  • Empowering self-knowledge: you will get to know your unique harmonious interaction of your body and mind.
  • New dimension of awareness to sexual activity: knowing your self more, you can be more comfortable in your own body, more aware of your sexual desires and timing. 
  • Low cost: once you learn these methods (best with the professional guidance), there are no further expenses or check-ups needed.
  • Shared responsibility – deepening your partnership: a chance for you to work together with your partner and take common responsibility for what is a common concern.
  • Conscious conception – planning children when wanted: information about fertility can be used to achieve conception as well as to avoid it.
  • Helping with fertility problems: overcoming fertility can be helped enormously by pinpointing the most fertile time in a woman’s cycle and properly preparing for it.
  • No contraception when it’s not needed: natural contraceptive methods allow you to guard against pregnancy only during your fertile days.
  • No danger to future fertility or pregnancy: research shows that use of hormonal contraceptives can cause fertility problems.
  • Reliability: no contraceptive method is 100 per cent. Natural methods are as effective as artificial ones but they don’t affect women’s fertility (between 97 and 99 per cent when used correctly).
  • Morally and ethically impeccable: there can be no objections to these methods on moral, religious or ethical grounds.

Yes, it does. Many women don’t realize that when you are on the pill you are actually suppressing menstruation. The contraceptive pill does not give you a natural bleed but it’s called withdrawal bleed and it happens due to chemical withdrawal. The pill works by fooling your body into thinking you are pregnant and consequently also prevents you from ovulating. 

When you are on any kind of hormonal contraceptive it means you are in artificial state of being. Your body is being hormonally tricked into thinking that you are pregnant. Since we know that hormones make our personalities, affects our moods and influence our characteristics, it is logical to assume they influence on who we are. 

Menstruation and ovulation are very important parts of our female identity and with hormonal contraceptive we don’t get a chance to experience them.

Yes, you can, but your findings may differ the ones that are described in a Journal. Synthetic hormones that are in hormonal contraceptives are at least four times the amount of your natural hormones. That may influences your biochemical, mental and psychological state in different way that when being in your natural menstrual cycle.